Fifth Birthday and WOW Wine of the Year Award

Fifth Birthday and WOW Wine of the Year Award

Five years in a row WOW has successfully organised an established and anticipated wine rating activity named What Women Want. WOW women are actively engaged in the table culture field, with a special accent on promoting primarily Croatian wines and – especially women winemakers, continually encourage moderate enjoyment of wine, including this activity of voting for the best WOW wine of the year in order to make wines a national brand and important asset in tourism promotion. The WOW Wine of the Year selection is based around a curator (respected Croatian sommelier) who selects wines tasted in the previous year in order to compile a list of wines in four categories: white, pink, red and dessert (wines with sugar residue), upon which WOW members vote via e-mail. This year the sommelier was Roko Bekavac from the famed Split restaurant Paradigma.

His list consisted of:

– Bire Grk 2014
– Krajančić Pošip Sur lie 2013
– Stina Pošip Majstor 2012
– Malvasia dubrovačka Kuća Glavić 2013
– Tomac Rhine Riesling 2014
– Krauthaker Chardonnay Rosenberg 2013
– Galić Sauvignon 2014
– Bolfan Sauvignon 2014
– Benvenuti Malvasia 2014
– CLAI Malvasia Sv Jakov 2013

– Coronica Gran Terrano 2011
– Kozlović Santa Lucia 2011
– Boškinac 2011
– Krauthaker Pinot Noir Selection 2012
– Miloš Stagnum 2006
– Galić Crno 9 2012
– Stina Plavac MaIi Majstor 2011
– Bibich Bas de bas 2010
– Korak Pinot Noir 2012
– Rizman Tribidrag 2013

– Galić Rosé 2014
– Kabola Rosé 2014
– Senjković Spoža 2014
– Miloš Rosé 2014
– Tomić rosé Opolo Nobile 2014

– Stina Prošek 2011
– Benvennuti Corona Grande 2013
– Kozlović Sorbus 2009
– Krauthaker Zelenac Electoral harvest of grapes 2009
– Korlat Merlot Boutique 2011

The first part of the decision on winners was made through e-mail, with the following wines making the cut: in whites Bire Grk 2014, Benvenuti Malvasia 2014, Tomac Rhine Riesling 2014 and Krauthaker Chardonnay Rosenberg 2013. From the reds Coronica Gran Terrano 2011, Kozlović Santa Lucia noir 2011, Rizman Tribidrag 2013 and Korak Pinot Noir 2012. Among the pinks in the finals were Tomić rosé Opolo Nobile 2014 and Kabola rosé 2014, while the desserts were led by Krauthaker Zelenac Electoral harvest of grapes 2009 and Benvenuti Corona Grande 2013. Traditionally, a bling tasting for the final decision in each category and overall winner, winner of the WOW Grand Prix, is organised in hte legendary Zagreb wine shop and wine bar Bornstein. The final expert jury was composed of three women winemakers: Jasna Antunović-Turk, Monika Prović and Ivana Puhelek.

“During the ratings we examined the wines for technological purity, clean in smell and taste, without flaws caused by inadequate handling or cellar processing. We took in the colour and aroma, subjective categories based on the emotions generated in us by the wines, which was quite important in naming the winner, since the wines were from different categories,” said the jury members. They decided the best red is the Santa Lucia by Gianfranco Kozlović, noting that: “The Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Terrano combine beautifully here. We liked the wonderfully controlled tannins and softness in the palate followed by dark fruits aromas, but also saltiness which gave it a special note. At the same time an exceptional juiciness remained due to lovely acids and the wine is in full form for consummation.” The best rose is the Tomić Opolo Rose. “This rose won us over with aromas of ripe red fruits and fullness of body. It has a light, yet lovely bitter note,” the jury felt. The sweet wine winner was the Krauthaker Zelenac Electoral harvest of grapes. “Lovely predicate wine thrilled with its scent, and the combination of retained sort aromas and those introduced through botritis. Lovely colours, oily and creamy with a taste of grass aromas combined with a marmalade taste, without intrusion. Very fresh wine, excellent kept acids and – not less important – very honest wine,” was the opinion of the jury.

In the end, the best among the whites was Bire Grk. “The wine enthralled us with character, freshness and especially balance between fruit and grass herbal aromas and creaminess that follows. It generated that mmmm… moment already at the first taste and kept the impression all the way through. Although the 2014 is unavailable on the market, being sold out, the jury tasted the 2015. But we have all previously tasted the 2014 and unanimously decided the overall winner is the Korčula winemaker, Frane Milina Bire and his wine deserves the WOW Grand Prix,” said jury president Jasna Antunović-Turk. Jury member Monika Prović said: “The peculiarity of this unique indigenous sort was noticeable at the first sniff. We were drawn by the smell of fruit combined with moss and dried Dalmatian herbs. Lovely wine, excellent acids, creamy texture and rich body with a special bitterness which counterbalances and complements the fruity character of the wine. Especially enjoyable wine.”

Association president Sanja Muzaferija noted: “Unlike the diplomas winemakers usually win, in the What Women Want activity category winners receive a valuable sculpture, while the overall winner gets a study trip to a wine region.”

For the original and more from the Women on Wine association, click here.

By Sanja Muzaferija


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